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    Wacky After School Play Scheme

    WASPS is an independently run before and after school activities club, based on site at Paganel Primary School.

    Before school sessions are from 7:45am to 8:50am and after school runs until 5:50pm.

    For more information contact Sean or Ann on 422 2801. The scheme is very popular and spaces do fill up quickly, so please contact us to discuss your needs before securing before or after school commitments.


    After School Clubs

    A range of different clubs run at Paganel to cater for various interests. Some of these clubs run for just a short span of 4-6 weeks, others run for an entire year. Clubs begin for a range of different reasons too – sometimes because of the particular skills of a teacher or child, sometimes because an interested parent has something to offer the school and yet other times because of teachers and children agree it would be a fun thing to do!

    When a new club starts, parents of eligible children will be contacted by letter to express an interest in the club. In cases where clubs are oversubscribed, children will be chosen at random and those who don’t get in will be placed on a waiting list.

    Current after-school clubs are listed below. If you see a club that you would like your child to attend that is already running, do contact the teacher in charge of the club to apply.

    Time Table (Autumn 2)

    Monday       Archive (years 5&6) / Dance Bugs (Years 1&2)

    Tuesday       Netball / Boys Football / Dance Bugs (years 3-6)

    Wednesday    coming soon – Gym Bugs (organised externally by the Bugs Group, run onsite)

    Thursday       Girls’ Football / Yoga Bugs (Years 3-6)