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    Governing Body

    Categories of Governor

    Local Authority (LA) Governor – nominated by Birmingham City Council.

    Community Governor – a person appointed by the Governing Body who lives or works in the community served by the school

    Parent Governors – are elected by and from the parents

    Staff Governors – elected by and from the staff

    Ex-officio Governors – Governors by virtue of their office, ie the Headteacher

    Mrs B Gingell - Headteacher

    Mrs Gingell

    Head Teacher

    Mrs Gingell has been the Headteacher of Paganel Primary School since September 2016


    Mr Sargeant

    Vice Chair of Governors.

    Martyn has been chair of governors since November 2013, he has now stepped down but is the Vice Chair of Governors. He has been a parent governor since 2010 and currently has one child at Paganel.


    Mr McGettrick

    Chair of Governors

    Rob McGettrick has been a parent Governor since September 2014. He has also taken on the role of the safeguarding Governor with the additional responsibilities this brings. Rob has 2 children at the school, both have been in school since starting nursery.  Rob is now the Chair of Governors


    Mr Ballinger

    Parent Governor

    Trevor Ballinger joined as a parent governor in February 2016. He currently has one child at Paganel Primary School.

    Claire Richardson

    Parent Governor

    Claire joined the Governing Body in June 2018 and has 2 children in school, currently in Y3 and Reception.

    Gavin Pringle

    Mr Gavin Pringle

    Community Governor

    Gavin Pringle joined the governing body in December 2016.

    Mrs L Jones - Phase Leader

    Laura Jones

    Staff Governor

    Laura Jones is a teacher at Paganel and became the Staff Governor from February 2018.


    Mr Bottle

    Community Governor

    Tony Bottle is the Schools Finance Officer as well as a Community Governor. Tony has undertaken both roles at the school for some years now. He currently sit on the Finance, Premises and Staffing Committee as well as the Full Governing Body.



    LA Appointed Governor


    Paul Woodcock

    Community Governor

    Paul Woodcock joined in September 2017. He has taken on the responsibility for Pupil Premium.


    Mrs Kent

    Associate Member