3K Autumn 2 update

What a busy week it has been! Children have settled back into school brilliantly and what an exciting half term we have ahead of us.

This half term we are exploring the classic story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ By Roald Dahl. Children are really enjoying having this story read to them alongside visual literacy in English. We have chosen to study this book to inspire children’s description writing. So far we have been introduced to Charlie, his family and the first two winners on the Goldren tickets! We are eager to keep reading……

In maths we have remembered lots from our Place Value unit, this has helped our confidence with addition and subtraction. This week we are learning to add tens and hundreds to 3 digit numbers. We are on a journey to become masters of addition and subtraction!

Last half term our IPC topic was brainwaves, this half term we have started with Temples, Tombs and Treasures. We are all fascinated by the Ancient Egyptains, in particular with the mummification process…. gruesome.



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