Parents in Paganel School

PiPS (Parents in Paganel School) exist to support Paganel Primary School in a variety of ways such as raising funds through putting on events, uniform and cake sales.

We support the school through serving at school events around Christmas, Easter and summer as well as any other parent gatherings.

We are a value to the school through whatever collective skills and gifts we can share and provide.

Our aim is to be a positive influence around school, supporting staff and pupils alike.

Why should you become part of PiPS?

Because parent groups turn what could be a mere collection of individuals into a strong and supportive community.

Volunteering at school is a great way to show your child that school is an important part of your family’s life. Demonstrating to your child that you value their education and want to be part of their school community.

It is a great way to meet other parents and make good friendship which may last long after your children leave the school.

It is a way of giving back to the school who educate and give your child some of the important life skills they will need as they grow up and become young adults.

Not forgetting to mention it is great fun to be part of PiPS!

Contact Samantha Osman (Pastoral Manager) via the school office on 464 5040 or by sending an email to s.osman@paganelschool.net  if you are interested in joining us.