Pupil Premium

“I want every child to be able to aim for the stars, and to be supported in reaching them.”
(David Laws, Education Minister, 2012)

Pupil Premium is additional government funding provided to schools with the intention of it being used to help close the attainment gap between children from low-income and other disadvantaged families and their peers. Research has shown that nationally, young children at the age of 5 in deprived areas do not perform as well as those in more affluent areas, and year by year, the trend is that this gap increases.

Pupil Premium funding is allocated to each child children currently on free school meals (FSM), or has been on/entitled to FSM over past 6 years, &/or is a looked after child (LAC).

Paganel Primary School is situated in the top 20% of schools nationally for social disadvantage/deprivation. This is reflected in the large number of children on free school meals (FSM). In 2016, 64.0% of pupils are known to be eligible for FSM, compared to the national average of 26.7%.

Pupil premium funding received for Paganel Primary School:

Pupil premium has been, and is currently being, used at Paganel Primary School to help fund:

Staffing – including: 

  • A full-time Pastoral Manager to support the pastoral needs of all children and families throughout the school, with a particular focus on supporting our more vulnerable children and families, including those experiencing particular difficulties such as marriage/relationship break up, bereavement etc…
  • A full-time Learning Mentor to support vulnerable individuals/groups to help remove any barriers to learning, complimenting the essential work of the Pastoral Manager. This includes supporting children in classrooms and through our Nurture Room, at playtimes and lunchtimes including our special ‘Starburst Club’ etc…
  • Additional teaching assistance to provide targeted intervention help and support to individuals/groups to help close the attainment gap.
  • External specialists to deliver professional development for staff impacting on their effectiveness – to help improve the quality of teaching which impacts on the quality of provision and learner’s achievement.
  • Release time for teachers/ subject leaders to plan/monitor progress and so be more effective in their role, and consequently impacting on the quality of provision and learner’s achievement.
  • Have external providers and creative practitioners come in to school to provide targeted intervention to individuals and groups, and provide other curriculum enrichment activities e.g., Year 6 maths booster group sessions, Local Heroes & Growing Gains projects, Loudmouth Theatre Group, The Night Zoo Keeper, The Animal Man etc…

Other uses of funding includes:

  • Visits, trips, events, swimming, music: all of which serve to enrich and broaden the quality of learning experiences for all children with the intention of children developing a love of school and learning, and thus positively impacting on their overall achievement.
  • Resources – e.g. Google Chrome Books; I Pads and Kindle readers; rewards/awards e.g. attendance, swimming…


All of the above contribute to providing the best possible high quality provision resulting in improved outcomes for FSM/pupil premium pupils and all other learners.